Child Custody Attorney | Houser Law Firm Jacksonville NC

We represent clients in the area of Child Custody.  Unless your child custody issue is part of an Uncontested Divorce and / or Separation Agreement where the child custody issues are expected to be agreed upon, each Child Custody case is complex and unique and you generally should make an appointment for an in person consultation.  Please call us at (910) 333-9679 to make an appointment.  There is a $75 consultation fee which can be applied toward your quote fee if you decide to retain our firm.

At your appointment, we will assess your case and begin the process of investigating and providing you with options for resolving your case.

We will also discuss our fee which will vary on a case by case basis.  With regard to fees, our firm generally does not bill on an hourly basis, you will be quoted a flat rate fee so that you will know how much you will have to pay with no hidden fees or surprises later down the road.  Flexible Payment Plans are available if needed.  Generally, if your Child Custody case is uncontested, meaning that no one is fighting you over the custody, our fee will usually be a flat rate of $2500 or less.  If your Child Custody case is contested, meaning someone is fighting you over custody, our fee is usually a flat rate of $5000.  There are circumstances of your case that could cause our fee to be either lower or higher – we just won’t know until we have looked into it.