North Carolina Divorce Forms | $95


Doing your own divorce is usually not a good idea.  However, if you really want to Do-It-Yourself, at least have our licensed North Carolina law firm properly prepare all the forms and instructions you need to complete your divorce yourself in any North Carolina county.

Our fee is a flat rate of $95.  Compare this to other services such as: DivorceWriter at $149, Complete Case at $299Legal Zoom at $299.  At those prices, it is less expensive to have our firm complete your divorce for you when you factor in Court Cost of at least $225!  Also, we provide telephone and e-mail support during the divorce process if you have questions, all necessary forms (including an application to waive court cost if you are eligible) and any last minute changes to your forms, if needed – all at no additional charge!


How to file for divorce.  It is never a good idea to do your own legal work.  However, a lot of people choose to attempt to do their own divorce because they are convinced they can save some money.  You likely won’t!  Once you factor in Court cost, the expense of traveling back and forth to Court for a minimum of at least 3 times and miscellaneous expenses such as Motion Fees, you will most likely end up spending more than our fee of $395 to handle everything for you – and you had to do all the work!  Generally, the only way you will save money using any Divorce Forms is if the forms are free and you prepare them yourself AND you are indigent (low or no income) and eligible to request court cost be waived.  From a cost / benefit point of view, it just doesn’t make good sense to do your own divorce.

What’s Included In Your Divorce Form Package?

  • 3 copies of the Summons (2 yellow, 1 white)
  • 1 copy of Divorce Complaint
  • 1 Domestic Action Cover Sheet
  • 1 Pre-Addressed Certified / Restricted Delivery Envelope  *other services generally do not provide this for you!
  • 1 Affidavit of Service
  • 1 Motion for Summary Judgment
  • 1 Motion Cover Sheet
  • 1 copies of Judgment of Absolute Divorce
  • 1 Certificate of Divorce (Note: this form requires special paper and can not be sent by e-mail) *other services generally do not provide this for you!
  • Instruction sheet on where to go and what to do with the above forms.
  • Telephone and e-mail support to answer your questions! *other services generally do not provide this for you!
  • Your particular circumstances may require additional non-standard forms – we will provided these to you on an as needed basis – again at no additional charge. *other services generally do not provide this for you

All you need to do to get started: 1) Fill out our quick and easy form below 2) select your preferred method and format to get the divorce forms to you and 3) make payment of the correct flat rate legal fee.

Please select a valid form

 What happens after I submit my info?  You will get an automated e-mail confirmation.  We will review your responses to determine if you are eligible to file for divorce in North Carolina.  We will then contact you based on your contact instructions (either by e-mail and / or phone and during the time(s) you have specified) if there are any issues that need clarified.  Once you have made arrangements for payment (we accept checks, money orders, MasterCard, Visa & Discover), we will immediately prepare your forms and mail them to you.  When you receive your forms, check them for any spelling errors (if it is our error, we will do corrections at no additional charge).  If everything is correct, follow our simple step by step instructions on how to properly file them with the Court.  If you have any questions during the divorce process we offer telephone and e-mail support at no additional charge.