North Carolina Separation Agreement

The best way to formalize your understanding and agreements with your spouse regarding how your marital affairs will be handled prior to a separation and / or potential divorce is to have it put into writing in a formal Separation Agreement.  Coming to an agreement with your spouse ahead of time regarding your marital affairs just makes good sense, both economically and for peace of mind!  A properly drafted Separation Agreement will let you most likely avoid costly litigation later down the road and give you the peace of mind that certain marital issues have been resolved.

Our Separation Agreement is not a ‘cookie-cutter’ or fill in the blank form like you might purchase online, at a bookstore or even at some other law firms.  Over the years, our firm has developed, maintained and updated a copyrighted and comprehensive Separation Agreement that is easy to read and understand while also providing you the most recent cutting edge protection that current contract law allows.

Please note:  It is very important that BEFORE you hire any attorney or law firm to draft a Separation Agreement, that you have actually discussed the matter with your spouse.  A Separation Agreement is just that – an ‘agreement’.  If your spouse is not in agreement with you, there is no way to legally compel your spouse to sign a Separation Agreement.  If your spouse refuses to sign the Agreement, you may end up paying for a totally useless document!

If however, you can come to an agreement with your spouse, in addition to avoiding the possible expense of protracted litigation and the peace of mind it provides, your Separation Agreement can be incorporated into a later Divorce Judgment giving it the strength of a Court Order!

Our fee for preparing a standard Separation Agreement is a flat rate fee of $250.  It is important to note that our firm does NOT charge additional fees if for some reason your Separation Agreement needs to be revised prior to it being signed by the parties.  Also, due to the vast array of choices that you have in personalizing our Separation Agreement to suit your needs, it is highly recommended that you make an appointment to sit down with us to personally review your options.  To make your appointment, call us at (910) 333-9679.

To make your appointment go a bit smoother and faster, please feel free to fill out our Online Separation Intake Form here:

The information requested on this form will only be used for the prompt resolution of your legal matter(s) and will not be released to anyone outside our office without your prior consent.  Please fill out the form accurately and completely to avoid delays.  There is no fee to fill out this form unless you retain our firm.

If you prefer not to submit information online, you may download our Separation Intake Form in your choice of the formats below.  Print it, fill in the requested information and bring it with you to your appointment.

Note: These forms are virus, spy-ware and ad-ware free and are secured using the same methods as banks do.

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