DIY Divorce Sites | A Word of Caution

Before using any service to prepare your Divorce Forms make sure of the following:

1) Do they have an attorney licensed in North Carolina to at least oversee the preparation of your forms?  If not, that service may not be legal in North Carolina unless the service relies solely on your input alone to create the forms.  If they rely on your input alone with no attorney review, how can you have any assurance the forms are drafted properly?  You can’t and that’s not a good feeling to have!

2) Are their fees reasonable?  Our fee is $395 for everything needed for a standard Uncontested Divorce.  If a service charges you more than say, $95 for the forms only – this may not be a good deal if you consider the following:  You will have to figure out the paperwork and the process.  Court Clerks and Judges are not allowed to advise you.  Unless you are indigent and eligible to have Court cost waived, you will still have to pay Court Cost of $225 or $235 and may have Motion Fees and Miscellaneous Expenses involving such things as service of process that can vary substantially.  Also, you will need to make multiple trips (at least 3 separate trips are needed) to the Court to perform various filings and to attend your court date.  All assuming that you properly figure out what to do, how to do it and when.  Even minor errors or omissions can cause delay or even dismissal of your divorce.  When you take into account the factors listed above, often people will end up spending more attempting to ‘do it yourself’.

Why take a chance?  Our firm is licensed and has the lowest attorney fee guarantee.  So your forms are correct and affordable.  However, if you do find a legitimate and legal website, divorce form preparer or attorney / law firm whose fees are lower than ours, just let us know – we will always match or beat their fee!